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Our Solar PV System




Power for the main house provided by our Photovoltaic array consists of 64 solar panels totaling 10.06 kwatts.The brains of our system is an Outback system consisting of MX60 charger controllers and FX3048 Inverters. The charge controllers take the DC voltage from the PV array and charge our bank of 12 Rolls Surette batteries. These batteries provide 48vdc current to the inverters which output what most would call regular 120/240 AC voltage. This ac voltage is distributed to the house and powers regular electric lights and appliances. Backup to the sun on those cloudy days is provided by a 24KW, diesel generator. The generator is controlled by an autostart feature triggered by low battery levels. Quiet time is programmed from 9PM - 7AM and only an emergency situation will call for the generator to start. Most often, a generator demand is activated at the 7AM, end of quiet time period and will run a couple hours. Less often, the generator will self start a later times. At times, we will also manually start the system for special reasons.

Our Catchment System

Rainwater is collected from the main and garage rooftops. At 120-140 inches per year we have an abundance. The rainwater is processed before and after collection. Our catchment employs first flush diverters before the water flows through a series of filters and into 4 food grade poly 4000 gallon tanks. When pumped for use, the water is again filtered through a series of sediment and carbon filters to 1 micron and then UV treated before being dispensed. Most find our water much better tasting than municiple supplies.


Our Broadband WiFi

Our Internet Service is provided by a radio system based on R&R service At the property that signal is expanded via a series of Apple routers to provide wireless access in most locations. Connect speed and availability can vary. Unfortunately, we have no conrtrol over the availability or quality of service, but are fortunate in that it is usually very good.

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